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So those of you who want to get a taste of West Texas this is the hunt for you. Your guides Chris and Dave are true desert guys, outside of knowing all you would ever need to know about the sheep that inhabit this rugged area, they can also teach and show you all the essential desert survival skills it takes to live in this harsh environment. You will know from meeting them immediately that they care about you and you’re not just another number to them. This is the reason I will go back to them and why I will recommend my friends and peers to hunt with them. Not to mention that I harvested a sheep that exceeded my expectations and also saw double digit numbers of them every day on my hunt. Kevin C.

“Your lower price hunts allows someone (like myself) who couldn’t afford a $5000 hunt to be able to go on a hunt of a lifetime. I can say this because hunting with Chris back in August was one of the best hunts of my life! Car-camping by myself for almost a week was just part of the adventure. You may not be guaranteed a gold medal ram or have a 5 star lodge with this hunt, but it’s a hunt you will never forget. Work your ass off and you could get the chance at a stud of a ram. , thanks to having an experienced guide like Chris that will literally do everything they can to get you a sheep is worth every penny! I was fortunate enough to get an awesome ram when I was there in August, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!”

C. Sanford - Austin, Texas

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